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Busty blonde pornstar Briana Banks is one babe I can’t seem to get enough of. Ever since she popped onto the scene in her first film, University Coeds 18, I have been trying to see as many of her pics and view as many of her hardcore videos as I can. She has a super charged sex appeal and when I had the chance to meet her I couldn’t believe how down to Earth she was. Not to mention she is drop dead gorgeous with an amazing body, large boobs and an ass you can bounce a quarter off of.

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There’s not many women that can get my blood boiling like hardcore pornstar Briana Banks. I don’t think there is anyone better at what she does. I’ve seen every film she has been in and I couldn’t pick a favorite I don’t think. I will say thogh, that as much as I love her doing lesbian scenes, I really enjoy seeing Briana Banks going full on hardcore with a big stiff prick. I think it’s because when she really gets going her boobs flop around as she moans and begs for more, no one turns me on more just by hearing them cum.

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Briana Banks is one of the hottest babes working in porn. She gets into every scene she does and it shows. I really like her girl on girl scenes when she gets all worked up and ready with one of her girlfriends. What I really enjoy is watching Briana get off while she is on the receiving end of the soft licks and probing fingers. But I think she looks at her best and so natural with her face planted firmly between a smooth set of legs, tongue out, tasting the fresh juices as she sucks the tip of a special toy that moments before was deep inside making her girl cum.

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